Wander the world with me

Hi! I’m Helen. I travel the world solo and on my blog I share my adventures around the planet, and the amazing vegan food you can find in all corners of the earth.  In my day job I’m an editor in the international humanitarian sector, and my insatiable interest in the world is driven by a passion for social justice. I love this planet, it’s nature, people, cultures, and histories, and therefore emphasise ethical travel and sustainable tourism, to ensure that what we are able to enjoy is preserved for the next generations. I want to connect with and support other travellers to ensure that the impact we make on the places we visit is a positive one that preserves cultures, puts money in the pockets of local people, and is as ecologically offset as possible.

I’m also an avid vegan foodie, and want to inspire others to see the array of incredible food out there, and how easy it is to eat a delicious diet that reduces harm to animals and the environment, as well as our own health. In ‘Eat Vegan’, you can find information about vegan eating by destination or theme.

I think that everyone should ‘give a shit’ when it comes to injustice, human rights issues, and inequality, and work together to pave the way for a kinder world. Under the ‘give a shit’ section of my site you will find information on women’s rights, the refugee crisis, and more about how to get involved in pushing for positive change.

I also share more regular succinct updates on my instagram page, @veganwanderwoman check it out!




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